Stocking Programs: Does your company have certain items that it consistently uses over time? Armed with the knowledge of your usage quantities and patterns, BAE can stock appropriate levels of product in our warehouse to help you avoid lengthy lead times and out of stock situations. In general we strive to carry a wide variety of products so we can be your one stop shop.

Special Shipping: Whether you don’t need all of that material right away, have limited space for raw materials or are simply seeking to reduce overhead by not carrying so much inventory, BAE has a solution for you. We can schedule orders to arrive as you specify and even provide vendor managed inventory services by personally managing inventory at your location, assessing your needs and delivering and placing items directly on your shelves.

Made to Order Items: Many of our customers have been ordering raw materials for years that they then use at their locations to fabricate components which are used in motor repair or in final assemblies. For some it has become easier and more cost effective to have these items made to order rather than manufacture them in house. From cable assemblies to custom designed insulation materials, we can get it done with the help of our many quality suppliers.

Custom Spooling: With rewind equipment on premises at BAE we can wind wire to specific weights and lengths on a variety of different spool sizes.

Packaging and Handling: At BAE we take special care in the preparation of each shipment to ensure it arrives without damage. We also offer custom packaging and labelling per our customers’ requirements.